Lately, there has been one song ringing around our home. At least once a day, some Sister is singing or humming it.  It is very simple, as it has only one line; “Prepare ye the way of the Lord.”  It just so happens that it is also in one of my ultimate favourite movies, Godspell.  As this song plays over and over in my mind, I realize how appropriate it is during this time of Advent. The time to prepare for the coming of Jesus’ birth. I wonder what you, the readers, are doing to prepare for His coming?

Here in our Community, we have done a number of things. Yes, we have decorated, but that is not the main focus of this season. Jesus’ coming is the reason. Our focus is to go out into the world, speak to people about our Lord and make him simply irresistible to them.

First, a few weeks ago, we partnered with some local second-year students of Encounter School of Ministry and went on a ‘treasure hunt.’ Let me explain what a ‘treasure hunt’ means. We paired up in teams of two or three. We went out on a limb and asked the Lord a very particular question: Lord where do you want to meet your treasure today? (Treasure meaning a person). We then prayed about any details about the people the Lord was calling us to encounter and pray for. Finally, we went out to search for these precious treasures that the Lord had put on our hearts.

My team was led to our local Canadian Tire. When my team prayed, we received words of knowledge that included a list of first names and an image of a middle-aged man wearing a plaid shirt. We were successful in praying for 2 men wearing plaid, although the names never matched. This was my first time doing anything like this, so needless to say, I was a bit nervous. Both gentlemen that we prayed with were very open to receiving prayers. We considered it a successful ‘treasure hunt.’ When we got home, we joined together with the other teams and heard glory stories of encounters and healings that had happened. We celebrated our bringing Jesus’ love to each person we encountered that day. I have a feeling this will not be the only time we do this!

Second, we are in the midst of our I Am More Advent series (online).  We are following the book, “I Am ____”  by Chris Stefanick, and during the course of a month, we learn our true identities in Christ.  Identities such as ….

  • I am Chosen
  • I am Bold
  • I am Valuable
  • I am Capable
  • I am Lovable

Everyone has a battle going on in their minds with truths battling lies. Sometimes it seems like the lies are winning. Lies such as I am worthless, not enough, weak, etc. can easily overtake our thoughts. With this series, we are walking together with participants as we rewrite those lies into truths through the help of our Lord.

I cannot hear these truths enough. The change does not happen overnight but has to be worked on daily. Some days are better than others. If you tell yourself the truth over and over, you will eventually begin to believe it and those lies will be replaced. We have to learn to keep seeking the treasure of our true identities inside ourselves. As we prepare the way for the Lord, we need to prepare ourselves in our hearts as well as in our minds.

So, what are you doing this Advent to prepare the way for the Lord in your heart and in your mind?  Are you following a book or listening to online reflections that bring you closer to the Lord? Are they challenging you to go deeper?  If you are not yet doing anything in particular, ask the Lord what he wants you to do, and go out and do it. Maybe it is doing a good deed for someone else who you wouldn’t usually help. Or maybe pray a little extra for someone. Would you even consider going on a ‘treasure hunt’ ? Anything is possible.

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