We are a community who delights in the joy of God's amazing love for us. We place all our hope in his love and bask in knowing and experiencing a relationship with Him personally.

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A free online discipleship journey designed to be an experience of God’s manifest love for you at your fingertips!

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Pentecost Retreat

Upcoming retreat! Archbishop Marcel Damphousse will celebrate our Vigil Mass. Among the many speakers, Bishop Yvan Matthieu will bless us with a talk on the scriptural basis for evangelization. Filled afresh with the Spirit, we will go out on mission from the retreat. 

Friday, May 17th and Saturday May 18th, 2024
Meals: Lunch and Supper are provided. 
Registration: $35 dollars per person OR $60 per couple


We believe that we are created for LOVE and heaven came down to show us how real that LOVE is.
And so begins a personal journey of love, like no other.


We believe that we are created for relationships that are real and personal. Jesus wants that with us too. Walking with him we experience the authenticity of real love leaving us wanting more.


God’s power transforms hearts.
We are launched to go out and partner with him in a lifestyle demonstrating his powerful signs and wonders, setting hearts on fire with his love.