Sisterhood is our Gift

We live the common life. Building strong sisterly relationships with one another is our constant striving. We believe that intimate relationships are the foundation of our community. It is in our commitment to community from which our ministry will flow.

Although we are to be a body committed to the active ministry of the Church, we believe that we will be defined, not so much by the ministry we undertake, but rather by the quality of the life that we will live together. Before we will be able to do anything worthwhile for the Lord together, we will have to be something good together.
- (Fr. Bob Bedard, We are called to be Companions of the Cross, 1994)

Servants of the Cross Mission & Objective

We are a Roman Catholic community of women, committed to living and ministering together as sisters in the Lord. As Servants of the Cross, we are called to labour boldly for the renewal of the Church through a dynamic evangelization centred upon Christ crucified, who is God's power and wisdom. Prompted by the love of God, we desire all people to come into the fullness of life through a personal ongoing encounter with Jesus Christ.


What is Evangelization?  The challenge of a dynamic evangelization is two-fold.  First, it requires our decision to say ‘yes’ to being in relationship with Jesus.  The second challenge flows from the first.  When we say ‘yes’ the decision must be to commit daily to a relationship that is personal.  Fr. Bob speaks of this same commitment:

I want to share with you the call I received to build a sisterhood, one that incarnates the spirituality and the way of life of the Companions of the Cross. It has been since 2003 that I heard and responded to this call. And, as our community continues to grow and discern its way of life, I remain obedient to it.

We are committed to live and spread the message of evangelization as Fr. Bob Bedard, our Spiritual Father, envisions. The message is simple: God loves us, and He sent His Son to die for our sins to prove it. He wants everyone to know it.

In response, the Lord wants us to follow the Gospel, to choose to be in an intimate and close relationship with Him. I have made that personal choice myself and the experience when I gave Him my total "yes" was life changing. There is no experience that is more real and more tangible than God's friendship.

In the years of 2000 - 2002 Sr. Anna Chan visited a number of communities to discern the call to the consecrated life. No strong desire to join any of them emerged from these visits. At that point she believed the question about a call to consecrated life had been discerned and was closed. However, while on a retreat in June 2003 a strong stirring emerged in her heart. She found herself with the desire to become a consecrated woman.

Following the retreat she approached the Companions of the Cross and asked for the current plans regarding a sisterhood. Sr. Anna was informed that it was still in the plans, but was concretely non-existent. However, she heard a strong word on her heart, This needs to happen now. At a meeting with the Moderator, Fr. Roger Vandenakker, she voiced the need to begin a sisterhood. He recommended a discernment retreat to authenticate the call to found a Companions sisterhood. On this retreat, the call was confirmed; Sr. Anna is to found a community akin to the Companions of the Cross. The key discernment points were: the call is evident, Anna is to lead and to be led with a humble heart and the Companions of the Cross is Anna's family.

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