Sisterhood is our Gift

We live the common life. Building strong sisterly relationships with one another is our constant striving. We believe that intimate relationships are the foundation of our community. It is in our commitment to community from which our ministry will flow.

Although we are to be a body committed to the active ministry of the Church, we believe that we will be defined, not so much by the ministry we undertake, but rather by the quality of the life that we will live together. Before we will be able to do anything worthwhile for the Lord together, we will have to be something good together.
- (Fr. Bob Bedard, We are called to be Companions of the Cross, 1994)


Servants of the Cross community Life

We expect our relationships to be open and honest and our communication with one another to be truthful and authentic. When conflicts arise we strive to resolve them effectively and as soon as possible. Forgiveness is God’s greatest act of love for us. We need to take advantage of God’s mercy when confronting our conflicts. This provides opportunities for relationships to be healthy and life-giving. Forgiveness is a call to love the other as Jesus commands us: I give you a new commandment: love one another. As I have loved you, so you also should love one another (John 13:34).

Share groups are one way we foresee nurturing and building these relationships. Share groups will also serve to keep each of us accountable to one another. We look to Ruth and Naomi of the Old Testament, and Mary and Elizabeth of the New, as women of strong relationships.



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