I want to share with you the call I received to build a sisterhood, one that incarnates the spirituality and the way of life of the Companions of the Cross. It has been since 2003 that I heard and responded to this call. And, as our community continues to grow and discern its way of life, I remain obedient to it.

We are committed to live and spread the message of evangelization as Fr. Bob Bedard, our Spiritual Father, envisions. The message is simple: God loves us, and He sent His Son to die for our sins to prove it. He wants everyone to know it.

In response, the Lord wants us to follow the Gospel, to choose to be in an intimate and close relationship with Him. I have made that personal choice myself and the experience when I gave Him my total "yes" was life changing. There is no experience that is more real and more tangible than God's friendship.

In my early twenties I began the search to find my place in the world. I was caught up in the world's view of happiness - the glamour of brand names, big homes, and shiny cars. I searched long and hard but never felt convinced that the world made good on its promises. I never experienced happiness. I was empty and unsatisfied.

In my search I turned to God for help. I was a cradle-Filipino Catholic and, while I believed God existed, I was unaware that I could have a personal relationship with Him. As I was seeking His help, my longing to know and experience true happiness turned into an earnest prayer. In my prayer, there was an awakening, as if my eyes were opened in a new way to the lifestyle I was living. I realized that I no longer wanted it and I admitted to myself that I could not keep up with its momentum.

I recall the moment clearly. I was on my interview weekend with NET (National Evangelization Teams) Ministries in 1999 and I was invited to accept God in my heart with no pretenses, no worries, and no attachments. I knew I had nothing to lose. I chose to say yes to a relationship with Him. The experience was freeing. I came to realize I was seeking happiness in all the wrong places. For the first time I knew true happiness was found in God's tender love for me.

Each woman of our community has a similar story. Each of us can share our own personal experiences of God's love. And the impact of the decision to say yes to God in our lives goes beyond our personal testimonies. We believe it entails a calling. The message of evangelization must be shared with others, with the world, and this is why we exist as a community. We have committed ourselves to this call.

We look especially to our Patroness, Mother Mary for her assistance and intercession. Our constant strive is to remain close in relationship with her as she guides us in our vocations. We hear the call to be like Mary and we desire to abandon ourselves to her words, Do whatever He tells you. We seek to respond to this self-abandonment as our Mother did in her own fiat, Be it done unto me according to thy word. We hope that by her perfect example, we too may have a servant's heart as we live out the spirituality of the Companions of the Cross.

I hope you are encouraged by the words in this website as it presents a glimpse into the life of our young community.

God bless you.

Sister Anna Chan, SC



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