Servants of the Cross Mission & Objective

We are a Roman Catholic community of women, committed to living and ministering together as sisters in the Lord. As Servants of the Cross, we are called to labour boldly for the renewal of the Church through a dynamic evangelization centred upon Christ crucified, who is God's power and wisdom. Prompted by the love of God, we desire all people to come into the fullness of life through a personal ongoing encounter with Jesus Christ.


What is Evangelization?  The challenge of a dynamic evangelization is two-fold.  First, it requires our decision to say ‘yes’ to being in relationship with Jesus.  The second challenge flows from the first.  When we say ‘yes’ the decision must be to commit daily to a relationship that is personal.  Fr. Bob speaks of this same commitment:

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The gospel is something I must choose to follow.  It is not meant simply to be listened to and admired.  It is not something primarily to study or talk about.  I must do more than consider it.  I must answer the call of the gospel with a resounding ‘yes’.  I must embrace it with my whole being.

I must be clear about the choice I make when I decide to accept the Lord’s call to life.  It involves making Jesus the Lord of my life and entering thereby into a personal relationship with him.  I begin to know him in a deeper and more intimate way.

Evangelization, therefore, is the process whereby a person hears the gospel, embraces it fully, makes Jesus Lord of his life and gets involved in a lively, intimate and ongoing relationship with him.

- Fr. Bob Bedard, Evangelization, A Challenge for the Catholic Church, 1997.

We give our total surrender to Jesus Christ.  This surrender unites us to the will of the Father, to the sacrifice of the Son, and to the power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit.  With our eyes fixed on Jesus as our path, evangelization will flow directly from our community life, the way we live, into our ministry.

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