God’s power transforms hearts. We are launched to go out and partner with him in a lifestyle demonstrating his powerful signs and wonders, setting hearts on fire with his love.

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Join our hosts for EMPOWER …

… as we empower you into the next phase of your journey with the Lord. Here is where the real fun begins. In Engage, you saw how living your identity as adopted sons and daughters can transform your mind and heart. You discovered through fasting, how to feast and focus on Jesus (rather than merely going hungry). And we’ve built friendships together as we encountered Jesus in the Chosen series. It would seem that that’s enough, right? God has more!

As we build his kingdom here on earth, we want to empower you for MORE.

Join us for this exciting adventure in the Holy Spirit:


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Hungry for a lifestyle filled with the Holy Spirit? Look no further than the Ottawa Encounter School of Ministry!

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Check out our 4-day Summer Intensive this July here.

Barbara Heil &

Fr. Jorge Alvarado, CC

August 24th, 2024 

More Ministry

We belong to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We have been created for a relationship with Him. And sometimes, or perhaps a lot of times, we wedge things between our relationship with Him. More Ministry focuses on the healing power of God where we pray for truth and remove those ‘wedges’ on an individual basis.

Thank you for participating in our Fresh Fire retreats. This ends our pilot project. Stay tuned for future retreats in the Fall.

Come Rest in Love Retreat

November 2024

Our lifestyle of intimacy with God enables us to serve others with his anointing. He knows how hard we work. And He calls us to take a break and spend time with Him. “Come, Rest in Love” retreat will help you immerse yourself in the Heart of the Father so that you are rejuvenated before going back into your mission field.

Coming Soon

Road to Pentecost

Let’s prepare for the baptism in the Spirit praying that we may go out in boldness like the disciples who made Jesus irresistible to all people. Join us for our Pentecost Novena and our reading of The Cross and the Switchblade. Be prepared to be set on fire!

Pentecost Retreat

Join us next year 2025 as we are equipped with the tools for mission at Pentecost.

Are you ready for MORE?

Coming Your Way – February 2024!

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