God’s power transforms hearts. We are launched to go out and partner with him in a lifestyle demonstrating his powerful signs and wonders, setting hearts on fire with his love.

Hungry for a lifestyle filled with the Holy Spirit? Look no further than the Ottawa Encounter School of Ministry!

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First FOUR Nights

Come and visit our school and practically discern if the Lord is calling you to attend this year.


7:00pm – 9:00pm
Sept. 5th
Sept. 12th
Sept. 19th
Sept. 26th

“Jesus calls us to a supernatural lifestyle of faith, which demonstrates the goodness of God. If you know in your heart that Jesus didn’t die for a powerless Church, and you’re looking for the MORE promised by God, then the Encounter School of Ministry is going to radically renew your mind and transform your life.”

~Patrick Reis, Co-Founder of Encounter Ministries, Executive Director

“The Encounter School of ministry is a part-time two year training school for disciples who believe that God calls Christians to demonstrate supernatural love and ministry in the marketplace and in their families.”

~Fr. Mathias Thelen, Co-Founder of Encounter Ministries, President


Teach | Equip | Activate Disciples  

Are you ready to bring the promises of heaven to the problems of earth?

Come learn with us this Fall at the Ottawa Encounter School of Ministry.

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