We believe that we are created for relationships that are real and personal.

Jesus wants that with us too. Walking with him we experience the authenticity of real love leaving us wanting more.

Are you ready?

Join our hosts for ENGAGE
Sr. Alison, Sr. Monique, Sr. Michael Penelope, Sr. Melinda and Sr. Anna …

… as they engage with you into the next step of the journey. At the end of Explore, you were invited to give God permission in your life, where he is no longer just a spectator, but part of it. But you may be asking, now what? In Engage you will walk and discover with the Sisters what MORE God has to show you about who you really are!

They are excited to engage with you on the four parts of this leg of the journey:


Media Clips


Days on Comfy Couch


Interactive Adventures


Hungry to know more about who Jesus is? Do you long to deepen your relationship with him? Join our Sisters as we gather and discuss the film series The Chosen. Through the lives of the characters of this series, we will ENCOUNTER Jesus personally.


Do you want to train your brain and get rid of the lies you believe about yourself and replace it with God’s amazing truth about you? Let’s declare what God is doing in you.


Let’s come to the table. On your incredible journey, to make things real with Him, join us on a “FEASTING-FAST” that will fulfill your hunger in a life-changing way. We will move together and draw from each other’s support as we watch walls come tumbling down when we respond to God’s word in our day to day.

Give God Permission Prayer Blog

Meeting God through our everyday experiences is a mystery at times. Who would think that a song like Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’ could speak volumes about God’s love for us? We can be encouraged to be that ‘spark’ that lights up the night and that we are called to be a light in the world for Christ! Let’s journey together. Come into our blog and see how God can speak through the simplest and most surprising times in our lives.