Join us as we engage deeper into our friendship with Jesus.
The bible is filled with so many amazing stories of what Jesus did.
He taught and performed many incredible miracles.
He made some awesome friends.
Let’s see the bible come alive and get to know him more.

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Every 4th Saturday of the Month (January to April)

Let’s hang out together and talk about Jesus.

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Join us

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Let’s gather and share our insights with one another. If this is your first time joining us, no worries. It’s easy to jump right in. Each time we meet we want to focus our discussion around the friends that Jesus made.

Our hope is to meet Jesus through the people that encountered him. Getting to know the different characters, learning about their different personalities, we hope in some way helps each of us see how normal they are, how relatable they are to us. When we see these characters relating to Jesus, that relationship becomes a bit more tangible for each of us.

Ready to go deeper?

Here’s another reason to head on over to your comfy couch. Prepare for a deeper heart to heart with Jesus who wants you to know that you are made for MORE! He wants you to experience how he really sees you