Let’s come to the table. On your incredible journey, to make things real with Him, join us on a “FEASTING-FAST” that will fulfill your hunger in a life-changing way. We will move together and draw from each other’s support as we watch walls come tumbling down when we respond to God’s word in our day to day.

Feasting-Fast Coming this March 2025!

Oftentimes fasting gets a bad rap. And the feelings associated include thoughts like,

“No way. Too hard. I don’t have it in me.” That’s what we thought too.

We want to introduce to you over the season of Lent that we can feast on His Word and guarantee that our niblings, cravings, binges can be satisfied far more than those sugary treats or salty chips.

Your Hosts: Sr. Anna and Sr. Monique

Praise the Lord! Testimony Time

“I eagerly anticipated each week to be fed and nourished by my new and very dear friends with great tenderness and love! Being prayed over with a prophetic message of love was the answer to heart-felt prayer and a gift of tremendous healing!”
~ I am Hungry Participant 2024

Let’s feast and fast together and watch the walls come tumbling down. 


Netiquette is a set of rules for acceptable behaviour online. We wish to foster a safe online environment. All opinions and experiences -no matter how different or controversial they may be perceived -must be respected in the tolerant spirit. You are encouraged to comment, question or critique an idea but you are not to attack an individual. Working as a community of learners, we can build a polite and respectful community setting.

The following netiquette tips* will enhance the learning experience for everyone in the gathering:

  • Give other participants the opportunity to join in the discussion.
  • Present ideas appropriately. Do not use profane or offensive language.
  • Becautious in using Internet language. For example, do not capitalize all letters since this suggest shouting or use acronyms (ex. LOL, btw, etc.).
  • Popular emoticons such as can be helpful to convey your tone but do not overdo it or overuse them.😀
  • Avoid using vernacular and/or slang language. This could possibly lead to misinterpretation.
  • Think and edit before you push the ‘send’ button.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for feedback.
  • Using humor is acceptable.
  • Please do not criticize participants spelling, grammar, etc.
  • Arrive a few minutes before the scheduled start time so we can introduce ourselves and connect.
  • Follow the instructions of the host for when to have your microphone on or muted.

Adapted from Plan to Protect®

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