We believe that we are created for LOVE and heaven came down to show us how real that LOVE is. And so begins a personal journey of love, like no other.

Join our hosts for EXPLORE
Sr. Melinda, Sr. Anna

and Sr. Meagan …

… as they explore the signficance of relationships, friendships and in particular, one relationship that reaches what our hearts long for: a relationship that is real, authentic, true, healing, and freeing. They are waiting to explore this with you on the three legs of the journey:


Media Clips


Days on Comfy Couch


Interactive Adventures

The Starting Point

Join our host Sr. Melinda as we begin to EXPLORE! Are you longing for something more? Do you sense that there is more to life than what you have been experiencing? Let’s dive into these questions as we explore the desires of our heart.

Comfy Couch Experience

Join our host Sr. Meagan for this section of Explore!

Grab a couch and prepare for a heart to heart as we dive into unheard truths of identity and the one relationship that stands above all others.

The Offer

We are created for LOVE and Jesus came to us to show us how REAL that love is. He puts out an offer to each of us that begins a personal journey of love like no other. Join our host Sr Anna as she shares with us Jesus’ offer.