The Starting Point

Join Sr. Melinda as we begin to EXPLORE! Are you longing for something more?
Do you sense that there is more to life than what you have been experiencing?
Let’s venture into the desires of our heart.

God if you are
real show me!

Our host shares directly from our booklet God, if you are real show me! You can either listen to Sister share in our video or you can read along in the pages offered here for you. Either way, experience the power of who we really are! If you would like a copy of the booklet, let us know at and we will send a copy your way or if you would like a few copies, head on over to our gift shop for more!

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Is your heart longing for connection and an opportunity to be together with others discussing real topics?

Join us for a two-part Watch Party.
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Next Watch Party Coming Soon! –  October 2021

A young woman has her heart set on life, until she is challenged to write a compelling physics thesis. She chooses to use a subject that is super creative and innovative! Her research helps her discover what truly is her heart’s desire. But, there’s one major challenge, that is, her mother. Will she follow her dream, or fold into what is expected of her? When you sign up we can reveal to you the title of the movie (due to licensing)

Part 1: October 21st
Part 2: October 28th
7:30pm to 9:00pm EST


Netiquette is a set of rules for acceptable behaviour online. We wish to foster a safe online environment. All opinions and experiences -no matter how different or controversial they may be perceived -must be respected in the tolerant spirit. You are encouraged to comment, question or critique an idea but you are not to attack an individual. Working as a community of learners, we can build a polite and respectful community setting.

The following netiquette tips* will enhance the learning experience for everyone in the gathering:

  • Give other participants the opportunity to join in the discussion.
  • Present ideas appropriately. Do not use profane or offensive language.
  • Becautious in using Internet language. For example, do not capitalize all letters since this suggest shouting or use acronyms (ex. LOL, btw, etc.).
  • Popular emoticons such as can be helpful to convey your tone but do not overdo it or overuse them.😀
  • Avoid using vernacular and/or slang language. This could possibly lead to misinterpretation.
  • Think and edit before you push the ‘send’ button.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for feedback.
  • Using humor is acceptable.
  • Please do not criticize participants spelling, grammar, etc.
  • Arrive a few minutes before the scheduled start time so we can introduce ourselves and connect.
  • Follow the instructions of the host for when to have your microphone on or muted.

Adapted from Plan to Protect®

Excited for More? Upcoming November Watch Party 2021

Description coming soon.

When you sign up we can reveal to you the title of the movie (due to licensing).

Part 1: November 18th
Part 2: November 25th
7:30pm to 9:00pm EST

Ready to move on?

Grab a seat on your couch and prepare for a heart to heart as we dive into unheard truths of identity and the one relationship that stands above all others.

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