The Offer

We are created for LOVE and Jesus came to us to show us how REAL that love is. He puts out an offer to each of us that begins a personal journey of love like no other. Join Sister as she shares with us Jesus’ offer.

Permission Granted

Ready to accept the Offer?
Come and watch our video as Sister continues sharing from
where she left off in the video, The Offer.

Jesus if you are real, show me prayer

In the offer, we share a simple prayer. Keep praying it daily and wait for it, God will show you how real he is in your life.

Lord, I’m hearing that you’re real, that you love me,
and that you want to be part of my life.

But I’m not sure of any of this. If you are real, please show me somehow, please come into my heart. Because if you are real and do care, it’s going to make a great difference in my life, and I’ve got to know. Amen.

Remember, share your stories with us. Connect live or send us a message. We want to celebrate with you how God is moving in your life.

God if you are
real show me!

Our host shares directly from our booklet God, if you are real show me! You can either listen to Sister share in our video or you can read along in the pages offered here for you. Either way, experience the power of who we really are! If you would like a copy of the booklet, let us know at and we will send a copy your way or if you would like a few copies, head on over to our gift shop for more!

More to Explore

We have relationships in life where we connect with others on a pretty frequent basis, right? For example, do you message a friend to check with them everyday? And so too with your relationship that you are building with Jesus. There needs to be some daily connection. To help make that connection with Jesus on a regular basis we’ve got some resources for you. Here is our Top 5 plus 1!

Top 5

  1. If you really enjoyed your comfy couch experience, go back and spin that wheel. Reflect on the truths that are revealed through the scripture passages. Or, listen to God’s truths in praise and worship. We can never exhaust his words.
  2. Request your EXPLORE PACKAGE. It will include helpful items as a visible reminder of your commitment to connect with Jesus. (Send us a message with the subject “Explore Package”)
  3. Alarm on phone. Set the alarm on your phone to ring just before lunch with the title I am a child of God.
  4. Crack open the bible. Start with the Gospels and as you read each chapter, place yourself in the scene and journal it out on your comfy couch.
  5. Share with another person what God is doing in your heart. It could be a friend, mentor or colleague of your choice.

Plus 1 -Chat with a Sister live OR set up a one on one. We're here for you