Our ministry in the Church is made more fruitful by the fact that we live and work together. The quality of our life together, whether between two sisters or as a whole, will strengthen the quality and authenticity of our active ministry. St. Paul teaches that while not all members of the Church have the same talents, together we can count on God to provide all the gifts needed for ministry (cf. Rom 12:4-8; 1 Cor 12:4-30). (Art 2.19)

6:00 am

Morning Prayer

6:20 am

Personal Prayer

8:00 am

Holy Mass

8:30 am

Apostolate / Work / School

5:00 pm

Evening Prayer
Praise and Worship

5:45 pm

Supper (A time of recreation together)



On Fridays, we spend the day in silence and prayer.

On Saturdays, we are in ministry, either at our home or on mission at one of the foundations of the Companions of the Cross.

On Sundays, we rotate our masses among the five Ottawa parishes of the Companions of the Cross.




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