Hi. My name is Sr. Monique Bisson.  I hail from Saskatchewan and I have been with the Servants of the Cross community since 2003.  Every year I learn a different and deeper dimension to my relationship with Jesus.  This past summer, Sr. Anna and I attended the Cornwall diocesan youth conference called Journey to the Father.  At this conference of 350+ youth, the Saturday night Eucharistic Adoration was the highlight. The local bishop, Bishop Durocher led us through an animated Eucharistic Adoration.  The whole evening was amazing but the most striking moment for me was when we were to look at Jesus in the Eucharist and tell Him who He is to each of us. The word I sensed on my heart was ‘Saviour'. I understood in a deeper way that Jesus is my Saviour.  He has saved me from myself and the misery I created through my sins.

The word Saviour reminds me of a passage in the Diary of St. Faustina, a book Sr. Anna and I were reading throughout last year.  The Diary is an account of St. Faustina's conversations with Jesus.  Entry #1485 of the diary, named ‘Conversation of the Merciful God with a Sinful Soul' summarizes what I heard on my heart at the conference. Part of the entry reads, "Be not afraid of your Saviour, O sinful soul."  I can identify with these words because I see how crippling fear is but yet I am also reminded that Jesus' mercy is greater than this fear.  It gives me peace to know in a deeper way how he came to earth and died for me in order to save me and love me.  His mercy as Saviour builds my confidence and trust so that in moments when I feel miserable or experience fear, I can turn to Him and say, "Jesus, my Saviour, have mercy on me and save me.  I don't want to be afraid of you.  I want to learn how to always place all my trust and love in you."

It is always a good reminder to know that I have a Saviour!  I look forward to reaching out in trust as He reveals Himself to me, more and more, as my personal Saviour.






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