What does a typical day look like for us?
Oftentimes one of the first questions people ask us is What do you do all day?
What’s life like in the convent?

Our day is a balance of community life, our apostolates or work and prayer.  It’s through this rhythm of our day to day that we seek a lifestyle of what it means to be a community of missionary disciples of the Lord. 

5:40 AM Personal Prayer Begins

Each Sister spends an extended time in private prayer each day. This time will include meditation, as well as seeking and discerning the direction of the Lord for her life. Our personal relationship with God flows from a commitment to spend time with him daily.

6:40 AM Community Morning Prayer

Every local community engages in regular common prayer during the week, which includes parts of the Liturgy of the Hours. The times of common prayer will often include individual simultaneous vocal praise, and a time of discerning and sharing the Lord’s word. In offering a sacrifice of praise to God, we are encouraged to express ourselves freely and spontaneously, in openness to the Holy Spirit’s leading.

7:00 AM Holy Mass

We participate in the Eucharist daily when possible. We encourage frequent times of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament personally and communally.

7:30 AM Breakfast/Exercise 

Sister makes her best effort to be vigilant in the fostering of a healthy lifestyle regarding diet, exercise, sleep, and recreation.

9:00 AM Formation (Discipleship)

We are committed to a formation that is adapted to the purpose and character of our Community. We direct our formation efforts to fostering holiness and the two essential aspects of our vocation: community life and the work of evangelization. Our formation is to be as integral as possible: spiritual, pastoral, human, intellectual, and personalized.

The ministries we do are varied, but they are always coloured with the proclamation of the kerygma. These ministries are limited only by our desire to maintain community life and to remain faithful to the mission of evangelization.

We engage ourselves in the local parish community. We offer our services to parishes as we work for the building up and renewal of the local Church in harmony with its bishop, clergy, religious, and laity.

5:00 PM Community Supper

Every local community normally shares a set number of meals every week.


Formation (Encounter School of Ministry)
Prayer Ministry
Community Night Prayer
Family Night (Once a month)

All local communities who are in close proximity are to meet on a regular basis for prayer, teaching, discussion, and fellowship.