Do you want to train your brain and get rid of the lies you believe about yourself and replace it with God’s amazing truth about you? Let’s declare what God is doing in you.

I Am More
Advent Special

Jesus is longing to show you who you are from HIS eyes. In I Am…MORE, discover the keys to your true identity. You will discover in a deeper, more profound way how valuable you are. Capable. Worthy …. Lovable.

On your own time, read and reflect on Chris Stefanick’s book I AM ____. Then, we’ll gather together, share, and declare the wonderful truths we discovered. And the best part is that at our last meeting, we want to make it extra special for you and take an extended time to pray together.

See you in Advent 2024! 

Testimonies from
I Am More

We had a great time together learning the truths of who we are and declaring them together. Here are some testimonies from our participants as they share their experience from
I Am More – Advent Special.

“The book and retreat were amazing. I felt so loved after this retreat. I know now how much God really loves us – we must trust in that! The one that sticks in my mind the most of the I AM is FORGIVEN. We beat ourselves up when we do wrong, and God is there always to forgive us each time.”

I Am More Participant

“I heard God working through other participants and the sisters. I drew deeper into my faith by exploring the I Am reflections. God affirmed my worthiness of his love.”

I Am More Participant

“God showed me that I am worthy – worth dying for, and that I am gifted with the ability to recognize and affirm the dignity and value of others.”

I Am More Participant

“My experience was heart warming, thought provoking. It moved my spirit and stirred my soul. It helped me to get connected Christ Jesus on a deeper level. Sharing with others and hearing their experiences and thoughts was fantastic. Different age groups was very beneficial. We all learn from each other.”

I Am More Participant


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